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Clark County News - The Oregonian

State places county doctor on probation


VANCOUVER -- A doctor from Kaiser's Salmon Creek clinic has been placed on medical probation by the state and on paid administrative leave by his employer, after pleading guilty in Oregon to sexual abuse.
Manuel Reymundo Galaviz, 48, had his medical license suspended by the Washington Department of Health, but that order was stayed when he agreed to have a chaperone present during treatment of minor female patients.

He also agreed to alcohol and sex offender treatment programs and to avoid contact with minors other than his own children when not at work.

He did not return a reporter's telephone calls.

Jim Gersbach, a spokesman for Kaiser Permanente, said the administrative leave will continue until it completes an investigation.

Galaviz, a Vancouver resident, has been licensed in Washington since 1981 and was licensed in Oregon from 1983 to 2001. The Oregon Board of Medical Examiners said he allowed his Oregon license to lapse Jan. 1.

The incident occurred June 17, 2001, at a wedding reception in Yamhill County, Ore. He later was charged with four counts of misdemeanor sexual abuse for improperly touching a 15-year-old girl. He pleaded guilty to one charge in December.

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